The Oregon Duck Cheerleaders are often referred to as the “Ambassadors of the University of Oregon.” The dedication, loyalty and quest for continual improvement are hallmarks of the Oregon Cheerleading Program. A program of this magnitude runs year round and features appearances throughout Oregon, in host cities for all Pac-12 away football games, Bowl games, Pac-12 Basketball Tournaments, NCAA Tournaments, as well as, appearances for our own campus community, including our Athletic Department and Alumni functions.


            Now more than ever, we need your help to keep us among the ranks of the top performing athletic teams who surround us at Oregon.  We, as a program, thrive on the support and appreciation we receive on a daily basis from our devotees. Without your constant encouragement and appreciation, our success would be far more limited. The University of Oregon Cheerleading program can only achieve its goals with the assistance of donations from the members of our vast community and global fan base.

Proceeds for this event benefit travel costs, scholarship opportunities, and everyday program needs. 


All donations are tax deductible. Tax ID # 93-6015767. Thank you for your interest in our unique program.